8 Great ways to Decorate with Plates

When you break a plate at home, you tend to get angry at the mess you’ve made.  In Greece they throw plates on the floor and yell “Opa!” to say a broken plate isn’t a big thing to get worked up over and that you should enjoy life while we break the plates.  In design, plates have become a hot new trend on walls in any room or decor.  My Mom has collected beautiful hand painted plates throughout the years and has always artistically adorned her walls with her collection so I have a nostalgic appreciation for plates and found eight great arrangements for the home.

Plates at Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica

Kelly Wearstler (my favorite) arranged several plate groupings around the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

Plate arrangement D Sharp Studio

Use bright colored plates to adorn your walls for a cheerful look. Get cool modern plates in an array of colors with cool patterns like these by Thomas Paul at 2 Modern

Palazzetti Fornasetti Plates

Express your self with these plates by Palazzetti Fornasetti. Each design has a different facial expression in a vintage fashion.

Laura vinroot Poole Domino Magazine

Achieve this designer look with vintage antique red and white Spode plates.

Blue Plates

Use a random arrangement of plates like this to add a little spontaneity to your home. Get a similar look with fun hand painted plates from Anthropologie.

White Plates above BedWho said plates were only for the kitchen?! These white plates look chic and modern when arranged in the bedroom.  Cost Plus World Market has a nice selection of white dinnerware.

Bird Plate arrangement
Bird Plate Arrangement

I just adore this this array of vintage bird plates. You can get this look by scouring Etsy to find hand painted birdies.

Reese Dixon Pink Street design

Create an intriguing flow throughout your stairway or hallways with an eclectic mix of vintage and hand painted plates. Find beautiful designs like the ones shown in this photo from Etsy or Anthropologie

A few words of wisdom: You don’t have to break plates to symbolize your happiness. Instead, adorn your walls with art or decor that makes you happy and forget about your worries in life. But if you accidentally break a plate when trying to hang an artistic plate arrangement, just yell “Opa!” and buy a new one.


– DayDecor

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