Designing For Japan Relief

My heart is broken after viewing all the devastating images and videos of the tsunami + 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the north coast of Japan.  Cars and buildings being swept away by the current as if they were floating pool toys.  Large skyscraper buildings crumbling to the ground. People trapped in cars and building rubble, some trapped for days. The death toll has now officially crossed 10,000 & more than 17,000 are missing Nearly 300,000 are in temporary shelter.  All of this terrifying news calls for action…designer action! For the entire month of April, Day Design & Decor will be donating 50% of proceeds from all design service orders to aid in American Red Cross Japan Relief Foundation.

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We will send a tax deductable form after your completed purchase. Help us, help Japan, by helping you.

Love, hope, and relief –

Day Design & Decor

Day Design & Decor

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